The Violet Sunsets - Flowers in May Lyrics (2024)

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January, 1999
About two decades later
And I've learned a lot with time

Trying to be a better human
Trying to fix the stupid
Mindset of being open to reality
I thought I always knew it
Yes I blew it
Always do it
Pick myself back up again
Learn from It
Like I’m a student

Life is like a rollercoaster
Twisting, turning, broken motor
Lay your head up on my shoulders
Your worlds like a heavy boulder
That can piss ya off, hurt ya soul
Take the warmness out ya and
Make ya colder
Ain't even tryna say I told ya

Before ya know it
Life runs on
No morе sitting back
Hitting snooze on the alarm
Sleeping life away
So I can run away
From all my dеmons
All my struggles
That I’m facing
Every single day

Sometimes my words don't display
How I'm feeling anyway

Sometimes my actions don't
Really say what I want them to say

So I’ll just keep on coming back
Like the flowers do in May

Keep on coming back
Like the flowers do in May

Remember being young and stupid
Dreaming really big and couldn’t wait to do it

Makes me think of a better time
Didn't have a nickel or a dime
Love wasn’t hard to find
Felt like the world was kind
World was mine
Too any evils I was blind
Thought I was different and one of a kind
But then ya grow up
Realize quite enough
Wish you could go back
When the going gets tough

Always reminiscing
About the people that I’m missing
Not saying that Im stressing
Being victim ain't my mission
I ain't asking for permission
To use my intuitions
All the lessons that I’ve learned
To make all of my decisions
About women
About winning
About who I think is fibbing
Who will really listen
Or who is bullsh*tting

I think that its time to start admitting
That they really ain't kidding
When they say that
Life has turned me into someone f*cking different

I’m glad this got to be written
Sometimes my words don't display
How Im feeling anyway

Sometimes my actions don't
Really say what I want them to say

So I’ll just keep on coming back
Like the flowers do in May

Keep on coming back
Like the flowers do in May


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The song "Flowers in May" by The Violet Sunsets reflects on the passage of time and personal growth over the years. The lyrics speak to the struggles of trying to be a better person, learning from mistakes, and facing the challenges of life with resilience. The songwriter reminisces about the innocence of youth, the dreams of the past, and the realization that life has changed them in unexpected ways. Despite the ups and downs, the message of the song is one of perseverance and resilience, like the flowers that bloom again in May. The introspective lyrics and heartfelt vocals capture the bittersweet journey of self-discovery and acceptance.


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The Violet Sunsets - Flowers in May Lyrics (2024)


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