Song of Songs 1:4 - Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king b... (2024)

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Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers.


4 We rejoice and delight in you[a] ; we will praise your love more than wine.


4 How right they are to adore you!

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Song of Solomon 1:4 in Other Translations


4 Draw me, we will run after thee: the king hath brought me into his chambers: we will be glad and rejoice in thee, we will remember thy love more than wine: the upright love thee.


4 Draw me after you; let us run. The king has brought me into his chambers.We will exult and rejoice in you; we will extol your love more than wine; rightly do they love you.


4 Take me with you; come, let’s run! The king has brought me into his bedroom. Young Women of Jerusalem How happy we are for you, Oking. We praise your love even more than wine. Young Woman How right they are to adore you.


4 Take me away with you! Let's run off together! An elopement with my King-Lover! We'll celebrate, we'll sing, we'll make great music. Yes! For your love is better than vintage wine. Everyone loves you - of course! And why not?

Song of Songs 1:4 Meaning and Commentary

Song of Solomon 1:4

Draw me
With the cords of love, for what draw lovers to each other more strongly? under the influence of that they cannot bear to be without each other's company. Aben Ezra takes these words to be spoken by the virgins, who everyone of them said this, promising upon it to follow after the drawer; but they are rather the request of the church, desirous of nearer and more intimate communion with Christ; for this is not to be understood of drawing at first conversion, as the fruit of love, and under the influence of grace, ( Jeremiah 31:3 ) ( John 6:44 ) ; but of being brought nearer to Christ, and to enjoy more of him; we will run after thee;
the church and the virgins, she and her companions, or particular believers; everyone of them in their respective stations would act with more rigour upon such drawings; would run in a way of duty, follow Christ, and walk in his steps; and as they had him for an example, and according to his word, and in the ways of his commandments: or "that we may run after thee" F19; intimating that there is no running without drawing; no following Christ, at least no running after him with alacrity and cheerfulness, without being drawn by his love, and influenced by his grace; the King hath brought me into his chambers:
the blessing she sought after, and was so solicitous for in the preceding verses; namely, to have the marriage consummated, to be owned by Christ as his spouse and bride, by taking her home, and introducing her into the nuptial chamber; by putting her into the enjoyment of himself, and the possession of his substance: and this being done by him as King of saints, yea, of the world, showed great condescension on his part, and great honour bestowed on her; since by this act, as he was King, she was declared queen! we will be glad and rejoice in thee:
she and her bridesmaids, the virgins that attended her; that is, "when he should introduce" her into his chambers, as some F20 render the words; then they should express their joy and gladness on that occasion; and that in the greatness, glory, and fitness of his person; in the fulness of grace in him; in the blessings of grace from him; in what he has done for, and is to his church and people; in the offices he bears, and in the relations he stands in to them; and particularly that of a husband, now declared; we will remember thy love more than wine:
which, upon the introduction of the bride to the bridegroom, might be plentifully drank; of the preferableness of Christ's love to wine, (See Gill on Song of Solomon 1:2); it may design more particularly the love of Christ, expressed at this time of solemnizing the marriage between him and his church in an open manner, ( Hosea 2:19 ) ; and which would never be forgotten: Christ's love is remembered when thought of and meditated upon; when faith is exercised on it, and the desires of the soul are drawn after it, and the affections set upon it; and when it is often spoken of to others, being uppermost in the mind; saints under the Gospel dispensation have an ordinance for this purpose, to, commemorate the love of Christ; the upright love thee;
or "uprightnesses" F21; men of upright hearts and conversations, who have right spirits renewed in them; or Israelites indeed, in whom there is no guile; who have the truth of grace in them, walk uprightly according to the rule of God's word, and the Gospel of Christ; and do all they do sincerely, from a principle of love, and with a view to the glory of God; such love Christ superlatively, sincerely, fervently, and constantly; and "love [him] rightly", or "most uprightly", as some F23 render the phrase.


F19 (huwrn) "ut carramus", so some in Marekius.
F20 "Quum introduxerit me", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator, so Schmidt.
F21 (Myrvym) (euyuthv) , Sept. "rectitudines", Montanus, Vatablus, Marekius, Michaeilis, so some in Vatablus.
F23 Junius & Tremellius; so Cocceius and Jarchi.

Taken from John Gill's Exposition of the Bible

Song of Songs 1:4 In-Context

2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.

3 Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; your name is like perfume poured out. No wonder the young women love you!

4 Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king bring me into his chambers. We rejoice and delight in you ; we will praise your love more than wine. How right they are to adore you!

5 Dark am I, yet lovely, daughters of Jerusalem, dark like the tents of Kedar, like the tent curtains of Solomon.

6 Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I had to neglect.

Cross References 3

  • 1. Psalms 45:15
  • 2. Song of Songs 2:3
  • 3. S ver 2

Footnotes 1

  • [a]. The Hebrew is masculine singular.

Scripture quoted by permission. Quotations designated (NIV) are from THE HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica. All rights reserved worldwide.

Song of Songs 1:4 - Take me away with you—let us hurry! Let the king b... (2024)


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