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Prior to enrolling in any course or certificate program with the Center for Professional Education (CPE), you should review all policies listed below.


Registration and Costs

Course Logistics

Continuing Education Units and Certificates

Refunds, Transfers and Withdrawals

Student Conduct and Grievances

Data Usage and Privacy


Students must be 18 years of age or older to enroll in CPE courses or programs.

Persons who enroll in CPE courses acknowledge that they are physically fit to participate in these programs. In the event of an accident or injury, students will hold harmless from all liability, loss or damage The University of Texas at Austin and its agents.


Some courses and programshave additional eligibility requirements, or prerequisites, that must also be met in order to enroll or remain enrolled.It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that any eligibility requirements are met. Individual course or program prerequisites are listed on the course or certificate program page. Some programs require students to have taken prerequisite courses and/or submit documentation of eligibility by specific dates in order to remain enrolled. Unless noted otherwise on the course or program webpage, failure to meet a prerequisite requirement does not constitute grounds for a refund.

Nondiscriminaton and Equal Opportunity

As stated in theNondiscrimination Policy, it is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin to provide an educational and working environment that provides equal opportunity to all members of the University community. In accordance with federal and state law, the University prohibits unlawful discrimination, including harassment, on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status and genetic information. The University also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

Registration and Costs

All courses taught through CPE must be paid for at the rate established by CPE. See for information about how to register and pay for your course.

Federal Funding Waivers

CPE is a self-supported unit that does not participate in formula funding. Therefore, waivers for veterans, university staff, and the State of Texas do not apply.

Income Tax Deductions for Educational Expenses

CPE offers non-academic credit courses and is therefore unable to provide a Form 1098-T to students. Please retain your confirmation of enrollment and payment receipt for tax purposes. In some cases, students are eligible for theLifetime Learning Credit. For more information, please visit the Internal Revenue Service website.

Course Logistics

Pre-Work Assignments

Some courses and programs include assignments that are to be completed before coming to the first day of class. If your course or program includes pre-work, the assignment(s) will be emailed to you in advance of the start of the course.

Location and Parking

There is no free visitor parking on the UT Austin main campus (other than in loading zones for short periods).

For courses meeting at theThompson Conference Center, parking is available for CPE program attendees on sitein Lot 40, located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Red River and Dean Keeton streets. If parking in Lot 40, you must display a valid parking pass between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can access and print aweekly parking passon our website or pick one up in room 1.116 at the Thompson Conference Center. Please note, any vehicle without a visible parking pass is subject to ticketing. CPE is not responsible for citations issued to program participants.

If your course is being held in a UT Austin building other than the Thompson Conference Center, the best parking option will likely be in a nearby university parking garage. No permit is required to park in the garages; just pull a ticket on your way in and pay the parking fee at the exit, a pay station, or the garage office before you leave. The parking fee is based on the amount of time your vehicle is parked in the garage. CPE does not reimburse for parking garage charges.

If attending CPE courses and programs conducted at off-campus sites, parking instructions will be emailed in advance of the start of the course.


CPE is committed to creating an inclusive, accessibleand welcoming learning environment for everyone. We work withUT Austin’s Disability and Access (D&A) officeto provide appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities.The purpose of accommodations is to ensure all students have equal access to and the opportunity to benefit from all UT Austin educational programs.

If you require special accommodations or assistance, please email a request toCPE@austin.utexas.edu at least two weeks prior to your program or course start date so that we will have time to process your request.Documentation may be requested.


Courses must obtain a minimum number of enrollments in order to be conducted. If your course is canceled due to low enrollment, then we will notify you via email as far in advance as possible. CPE reserves the right to substitute instructors, change course and program dates, change the modalityand/or cancel any program due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circ*mstances. CPE is not responsible for any travel or lodging expenses incurred by participants. Please contact us atCPE@austin.utexas.eduor visit the program website for confirmation that your program will be conducted prior to making travel arrangements. In the event of a cancellation, you may request a tuition transfer to another course within one year of enrollment or request a full refund. Please allow up to seven days for processing the refund from the date of the request.

Inclement Weather

If a course is delayed or canceled due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circ*mstance, you will be informed by email as far in advance as possible. The instructor or another CPE staff may follow up at a later time with information about plans to address any missed instruction.

We are not responsible for travel-related expenses in the event of a class cancellation due to inclement weather.

For classes held on the UT Austin campus, CPE typically follows the university operating schedule, which can be found on the universityEmergency Informationweb page.

Continuing Education Units and Certificates

Course Recertification Credit

CPE courses and certificate programs do not appear on official UT Austin academic transcripts. Courses do not yield academic credits and cannot be transferred for credit in an academic degree program. In lieu of academic credit, CPE courses confer Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Additionally, many courses meet the recertification and continuing education requirements for professional organizations including the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), Project Management Institute (PMI), International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards. Please visit each course or certificate program web page for a listing of continuing education or recertification hours awarded upon completion.

In order to earn CEUs and meet the requirements of professional education certifying bodies, you may be required to meet attendance requirements and demonstrate knowledge of course material. Any student with outstanding financial obligations to CPE will not be awarded continuing education or recertification hours until their obligations are settled.

Gold Seal Certificates

You may be eligible to obtain a Gold Seal Certificate upon successfully completing the requirements of a CPE certificate program. Requirements for certificate programs vary and are subject to change. Instructors are responsible for determining if a student has met the requirements for a certificate, which can include meeting academic standards, attendance requirements, etc.Most certificate programs award Gold Seal Certificates as digital documents, so you can easily share your accomplishment on LinkedIn or another online platform, or you can print a physical copy, if desired. If you have questions regarding your student record or progress toward completing a certificate, please contact your instructor or emailCPE@austin.utexas.edu.

For certificate programs that require completion of multiple courses, you may have the option to either purchase all of the courses upfront as a course bundle or purchase them one-by-one over time. If you purchase a bundle and are not in the Financial Planning Certificate Program, you have three years beginning from the start date of the first course you take to take and finish all the required courses and earn a Gold Seal Certificate.

If you purchase your courses one-by-one, you will have three years to complete all the courses required for the Gold Seal Certificate, starting from the start date of your first class.

Copy of Certificate or Transcript Request

If you would like a replacement or additional copy of your certificate or a transcript of professional education coursework, please complete theCPE Certificate/Professional Transcript Request Form. Processing and delivery is typically within seven to 14 days of your request and standard fees apply.Please make checks or money orders payable to The University of Texas at Austin.

Refunds, Transfers and Withdrawals

Refund and transfer policies vary by course and program. To determine which set of policies apply to yours, find the Policy Code in the Additional Information section at the bottom of the webpage for your course or certificate program, then match the code to the policies below.

In the event that you need to withdraw from a course or certificate program, official withdrawal procedures must be followed. You must submit your request online using the Withdrawal Form. All administrative fees are due at the time of the request. Administrative fees are non-refundable. Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal.

Policy Code A

Refunds will not be given once enrolled, but you may substitute another attendee in your place if you are unable to attend, at no additional cost. Please email CPE@austin.utexas.edu with the substitute’s name and email address at least one full business day before the start of the course.

Alternatively, if at least three days or more before your course or program start date, you may request to transfer your registration to another course of equal or lesser value scheduled within 12 months of your original purchase date or request a credit on file that is valid for 12 months from your original purchase date. There is a $75 administrative fee for such requests, and requests should be submitted using the onlineCourse Transfer Form. If transferring to a course of lesser value, the difference will result in a credit on file and cannot be refunded.

If within 12 months of your original purchase date you fail to attend the course that you transferred into or fail to use the credit on file, your original registration fee is forfeited.

Policy Code B

Refunds will not be given once enrolled.After submitting payment for the certificate program you will need to contact the CPE Registrar atCPE@austin.utexas.eduto be added into the individual course(s) you wish to take. You may enroll in courses as your schedule allows.

If you need to withdraw or transfer after you have already been enrolled in a course, you may do so, but you must make the withdrawal or transfer request at least three full business days before the start of the course. If this request is made,for any reason, a $75 administrative fee will be assessed. Transfer requests should be made using the onlineCourse Transfer Form.

Failure to attend a course that you enrolled in and for which you did not request a withdraw or transfer will result in the loss of that course from your bundle.To complete the program, you will need to re-purchase the missed course at full cost in addition to meeting all other program requirements.

Course offerings, content, prices, and instructors are subject to change.Refunds will not be provided.

Policy Code C

We are unable to provide any refunds once enrolled or provide a credit on file. If you are not able to take the course, you may transfer your registration to another person within the first 48 hours of receiving course access information, and provided you have not already accessed the online course materials.

If you are unable to complete your course before the deadline, some courses in this category are eligible for an extension, with a fee. The fee must be paid at the time of the request and varies by program. Some courses may have a limit on the number of extensions allowed. Please contact us atCPE@austin.utexas.edufor course extension details.

Policy Code D

If you decide two weeks or more in advance of the first day of class that you wish to withdraw, 85% of the cost of the program will be refunded to you. Fifty percent (50%) of the cost of the program will be refunded to you if you drop after two weeks prior to the start through the first class day. Submit your request through theWithdrawal Form.

For some programs, it may be possible to transfer to a future section of the course or obtain credit on file, valid for 12 months from your original date of purchase. For either a transfer or obtaining credit on file, a $150 administrative fee will be assessed in addition to a prorated amount of tuition for the portion of class that occurred.Inquire at CPE@austin.utexas.edu to check availability of these options and any associated fees.

Policy Code E

As a first step, refer to the Enrollment Agreement or contact edXfor questions concerning policies. For further assistance, contact CPE@austin.utexas.edu.

Policy Code F

As a first step, contact Dalton Education for questions concerning policies. For further assistance, contact CPE@austin.utexas.edu.

Student Conduct and Grievances

Personal Conduct

CPE strives to ensure a safe and effective learning environment for everyone. As a participant in CPE’s courses and programs, you are expected to conduct yourself with professionalism, courtesyand respect toward all other students, instructorsand staff. Behavior in violation of this expectation could result in warnings and/or dismissal from current or future courses.

Academic Integrity

A fundamental principle for any educational institution, academic integrity is highly valued and seriously regarded at The University of Texas at Austin. More specifically, you and other students are expected to maintain absolute integrity and a high standard of individual honor in work undertaken at the university.

Instances of academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and unauthorized collaboration, will be addressed by the Center for Professional Education’s instructors and staff. Penalties might include a failing grade for the assignment or for the course, which could make the student ineligible to receive a Gold Seal Certificate. A student found not to be upholding academic integrity standards may be dropped from or prevented from enrolling in future CPE courses.

Grievance Procedures

If you have a grievance, you are encouraged to seek informal resolution with the other party as a first step. If the grievance cannot be resolved through informal resolution, you may submit a written complaint toCPE@austin.utexas.edu. In general, written complaints should include a statement of the issue, provide any supporting documents, and state the desired outcome. After reviewing the information provided, CPE will inform you in writing when a final decision is made. You may also contact the customer service line at 512-232-6520 at any time for assistance in resolving a grievance.

For disability-related grievances and grievances related to discrimination, harassment or retaliation, refer to UT Austin’sStatement on Equal Educational OpportunityandUT Austin’s Nondiscrimination Policy.

For grievances related to sexual discrimination and/or sexual misconduct, refer to the following UT Austin policies:

  • Policy on Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Misconduct, Interpersonal Violence and Stalking
  • Policy on Consensual Relationships

We encourage students to report grievances per the policies listed above.

Grade Disputes

If you were assigned a grade or denied a certificate and you feel that the decision was incorrect, please first discuss your concern with your instructor. If after discussing with your instructor you remain unsatisfied, then you may submit an appeal using theGrade Appeal Form. Your appeal must be submitted within30 days of the date your grade was assigned or your certificate was denied.Appeals will be reviewed by a director. You will be contacted within 30 days of submitting your appeal with a final decision.Once a final decision is rendered, no further appeals will be considered.

Data Usage and Privacy

We comply with the Web Privacy Policy of The University of Texas at Austin and adhere to all guidelines regarding the collection, storage, and use of personal information.

Our website, professionaled.utexas.edu, uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file sent from our website and stored on your computer.Learn more about how we use cookies.

We make use of Marketo and Salesforce software in communicating with prospective and current students. If you would like to opt out of receiving automated marketing emails, please visithttp://info.extendedcampus.utexas.edu/PreferenceCenter.html.

By enrolling in our courses and certificate programs, you consent to our sharing data such as your name, email address,and phone number with our third-party partners as necessary in order to deliver your course.From the time of your enrollment, throughout your enrollment, andafter you have completed your course(s) or certificate program(s), we may contact you to request information about your professional status or your experience with our educational programs and services via Qualtrics or Salesforce software.

Policies & Procedures (2024)


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