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College Party Song


a freakIn the base with her pantsAnd the Converse sneaksKnows how to drop it low smoke on dank weedMet a girl at a party last weekFine little thing

Juice With Gin

Lil Penguin

the lights down lowAnd I'm going to drive real slowAnd I don't know where I'll go nextSo I got weed in the air so I don't stressTurn the lights down low

Dear Weed


Aye... Uh... Is this thing on?Oh okay okay, Fasho FashoIght uhSee this is why I f*ck with weed.Ya feel meAll natural and urbalJust High



Smoke so much weed that im turning to a turtleI sweat purple like the gatorade yeahI sweat purple like the gatorade commercial,Drink so much green that
haffi get me Weed than ganja man we passing ThroughCome make we bunup de Marijauna inna de morning a Light a spliff when the clock Strikes noon, blaze up


Saint Vinom

feeling hella freeThey say Love is blind so I smoked the weedNow I'm on the weed she stopped calling meNow I'm on my own feeling lost stillWill you come

Something That You Like

Gavin Meredith, Aarxon Michaels

I know something that you like I know something that you like Like money Like weed Like meWanna have funYeahI know something that you like




Mountain Tops

Poppy Spitfire

Mountaintops, just let a fella have his weed, some land, and cropsMountaintops, just let a fella have his weed, some land, and cropsMedicinally for


Chezz Pierre

all my f*ckin bros got me thinkin suicideIt wasnt no murders cuz yhu know that ill slideWe aint poppin perkies rollin weed all f*ckin nightIt wasnt


Gang Shloink

Bap bap, leg burger hamC’mon Bruh! Uh, Art, hahahahaYuh, yuh, ay, look, lookSmoke on sock weed, high like LockheedMake him bleed, wrist on bead

Wait IV Weight

Demorne Warren

Yo in time I realized her thighs is all I needMore than weed, she don’t hit me off with lies and greedWhen I used to take the train she would ride

Andromeda [clean]

Tha Kushdon

KushdonKush ina mi brain that dearCheap weed cyaa carry u go God tierDem a seh Kushdon a wah u got thereHigh grades mek mi head fly a neva hot

Everybody Smoke


Toes in the sandJoint in my handSpeaker crankin' outThat Ukawoop bandYo it's Friday nightKnow it's alrightYo we keep our weed freshYo it's

When We Go (feat. Em Mya)

Kev-Nice and Anderson Knight

like Vegas casinosKeep it a hundred, and counting up cee notesSmoke out the nose, I'm burning the weed smokeSmoke smokeBurning the weed smoke, smoke

Double O (feat. Rasheed)


Ima po my drink ima roll my weedIma ease my pain Fasho (fasho)Keep it one double o (keep it one double o)Always one double o (always one double o)



landedFrom my highAnd I striveWith red eyesUhSmoke my weed then I talk to the starsPass my weed then I talk to starsRole my weed then I talk

Smoking Weed

J Hoodz

weedSmoking weed smoking weed smoking weed smoking smoking weed weedNever taken off the map; I always pack a gatMother f*ckerA gat, I always pack

English Roses

Burr Island

Calling the other flowersWeedsDrive the same roads every dayRead the news in the morningRead the news that appeals to youOh 'cause black ink is filling

Big Dreams (feat. @noizybeats)


Look, backpack full of weed, why they hatin' on meI'm just blowin' my O's, I'm just doin' my thingSince the age of 13, I've been smokin' my weedI


Hella Maze

Strong X HellaMaze X LyricsListen yeah listenWeed so strong I almost made a reefer songSo fly I landed same date I was leaving onGuess I’m

Scheiß auf Therapie


auf diese ganze scheiß Chemie.Ich hab endlich die alternative grüne Medizin, endlich wieder all green everything, back to roots mit Weed.Scheiß auf,


reason of trying to capture it?The love that you give is the love you will receiveI got a herbicide to repel you herb and weedHerb and weedHerb

Rick Ross

trappin' out their grandma backyardThis one for the nigg*s on the corner sellin' weed and hardSeventeen-five, rest in low but that's the price though



Lyrics containing the term: weed — Page #36 (2024)


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