Fate - Chapter 17 - twicesgrey (2024)

My best friends have met Dahyun before but having a brunch date together is different.

I can tell Dahyun is nervous but she's also very excited. We talk about our friends all the time and she's been wanting to meet mine properly.

My friends are considerate of our situation so when I told them that Dahyun would love to meet them over lunch, they were more than happy to plan everything out.

It was so top secret you'd think this whole brunch was a meeting to destabilize the government and overthrow the current presidency.

In other words, if they were to really off both Dahyun and I, nobody would find our bodies.


Even I don't know about this place. It's a beautiful garden nestled within a traditional Korean house.

"The air smells different outside of the city," Dahyun and I fill our lungs with fresh air hoping to cleanse them of city pollution.

We came separately, so now we're taking the opportunity to spend time together, walk about the garden hand in hand, enjoying this rare moment.

On the other side of the garden is a downward slope and as far as our eyes can see, it's all mountains and trees. Not even a single house in sight. This was as private as it can get.

I was caught by surprise when Dahyun tugs my hand, pulling my head lower, closer to hers, and lands a kiss on my cheek.

She starts laughing, leaving me completely stunned and amused.

"I've always wanted to do that," she shyly admits without meeting my eyes.

"I think you should keep doing that," I tease that makes her laugh.

"Hear me out," I tug her hand so she's finally facing me, "how many opportunities like this do we get? We have to be back in the city later."

Finally, she looks at me. Her eyes are resolute, as if a bulb just turned on in her head.

She crosses the distance between us and if I'm being completely honest, this flirty Dahyun is both exciting and scary.

I'm scared because I might have a taste and never want to stop, never be the same again, and if truth be told, I wouldn't be opposed to it.

I would gladly let this woman ruin my life then thank her for it.

Did I mention that today I'm anticipating my friends trying to sabotage me?

It's begun as soon as Dahyun takes her second step, her lips a mere inch from mine when my phone starts vibrating in my pocket and I know my best friend is calling me, most likely wanting us to head back so we can eat.

My feet are like anvils stuck in a deep bog but Dahyun drags me with her tiny body to meet my friends who will definitely make Dahyun's day fun and mine a little miserable.

I was right.

Dahyun had the time of her life. She just laughed and bantered with my friends like they're the ones who've known each other for almost two decades.

My best friends didn't leave a single detail out of everything wrong that has happened in my life.

Dahyun's sense of humour is that of an old man crossed with a cute goofball of a puppy. She fit right in with my friends' high level of sarcasm and quick wits.

They adored Dahyun and I could tell she was happy to have met new friends. They're not just mine now, they're hers too. I loved watching them laugh even if it was at my expense.

My consolation is that whenever they teased me, Dahyun would join them but would occasionally caress my arm, be all out touchy. Her hands were constantly in mine and I've never felt so happy getting ribbed by three people.

Before we knew it, we had to head back soon so Dahyun and I decided to go for another walk to catch the sunset.

We took a different path from the one we took earlier and ended up under a zelkova tree that had a low stone wall around its base you could sit on.

I sat down while Dahyun remained standing a few meters in front of me, her arms gently wrapped around herself.

I switch between watching her and the sunset. The last rays of the sun wrapped her in a soft pink glow.

I take my phone out and capture the moment. She slightly turns my way as she hears my camera go off. She looks beyond beautiful that I just had to take another shot, and another, and another.

"You learned that from Chaeyoung, didn't you?"

I answer her with the biggest, goofiest smile.

She doesn't turn back to watch the sunset, instead, she takes out her phone and snaps a photo of me.

Dahyun puts her phone back in her pocket and once her eyes meet mine, the mood has suddenly shifted to something serious.

"I feel like I just lived your whole life with you through your friends' stories,"

"That's because they didn't hold back on the details,"

She laughs again and my heart soars at the sound of it. The tension alleviates a bit.

"I have a question,"

"Hit me," she lightly hits my arms with the back of her hand with a soft chuckle.

"Your best friends married young, if it was you, would you have married her at this age too?"

"Hmm...I don't know. I've never thought about it,"

Dahyun replies with a nod as she bites down on her lower lip.

Without getting up, I stretch out my hand for her. She steps closer to take it.

Then, I pull her closer to me by the waist, forcing her arms to go around my shoulders.

Her eyes roam my face before settling on the windblown mess on top of my head.

"I have a question,"


"Will I ever get to read the original lyrics for the song you wrote?"

Dahyun blushes, looking away to hide her smile.

"How'd you know?"

"I figured it out,"

She smiles the softest smile. It reminds me of that time during my friends' wedding and I caught her looking at me.

I almost weep from the loss of her warmth in my arms when she steps back, staying a good couple feet from me.

She takes her phone from her pocket. My phone immediately vibrates beside me.

I see her send me a message and my heart leaps when I see it's the lyrics.

I look up at Dahyun whose back is to me as she hums the song while admiring the sunset.

Quietly, gently, the day arrived
It was an ordinary day
Until it wasn't
Until it wasn't

The morning light arrived
And brought you with it
It was an ordinary day
Until it wasn't
Until it wasn't

I look up to find her closer to me and my heart melts as I play the music in my head but with her original lyrics.

My head filled with thoughts of you
They were like flowers in bloom
My tiny world became a garden
A garden of you

My head filled with thoughts of us
Where would we be if I asked
Would you walk with me
In a garden of us

Quietly, gently, night has arrived
It was an ordinary evening
Until it wasn't
Until it wasn't

The dark wasn't as scary
As the ones that came before
It wasn't ordinary
It wasn't
It wasn't at all

I would hold your hand if you'd let me
Wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't it be nice
I would kiss you if you'd let me
Wouldn't it be nice, wouldn't it be nice

I'm a little clumsy, if that's okay with you
But I have a garden, a garden of you
I would like to plant flowers, see them all bloom
How would you like to walk with me
Pave the rough road ahead
Would you like to plant flowers with me
See them all bloom, see them all bloom

The song continues to play in my mind.

Her smile grows bigger, mirroring mine.

"I will plant many flowers with you and we'll watch them all bloom,"

I take her hand and kiss her palm. In return, she caresses my cheek.

"I'm sorry I got scared,"

"We're here now,"

The sunset glow makes her smile a million times more beautiful.

She steps forward and I close the distance by pulling her closer.

"You said you believe in fate. What does fate even mean?"

I gently tuck a few strands of her hair behind her ear before answering.

"Choices. It's always up to you, the decisions you make that'll lead you wherever and whatever fate has in store for you,"

"If it's up to me, what does fate have to do with it?"

"You feel it in your bones. To do what you need to do. Fate pushes you in the direction you need to go,"

"Choices..." Dahyun whispers more to herself than to me.

"Up to you, Dahyun," the tension comes back in full swing when her eyes drop slowly down to my lips.

"Up to me," she whispers, thinking out loud.

I feel her warm hands cup my face and I knew she understood. I close my eyes even before her lips touched my forehead. I keep them close and allow myself to just feel her soft lips landing gently on my eyelid, down the bridge of my nose before traveling to my cheek.

I feel her body inch closer to mine and my instincts tell me to hold tighter on to her waist, hoping she'd get the message that I want her to be braver.

She tips my head up with her small hands. A cue for the butterflies in my stomach to flutter violently in anticipation. I slightly open my eyes and see her face move slowly towards me.

First it was feather light, the way her lips land on the corner of my mouth. She lingers and I let her decide whether to take the next step or not. She's gone this far and I'm proud of her.

Suddenly, it feels colder that her face isn't on mine.

My eyelids are heavy and refuse to open. I will them to and my eyes immediately come face to face with Dahyun's slightly parted lips. She's breathing harder that I feel her heartbeat racing against my chest.

My eyes track upwards on her face. Her eyes are trapped in a haze of restraint and want.

I hear her swallow once then witness courage take over restraint.

It all happens in a heartbeat, her body leans flush against mine, her hands smoothly going to the back of my head, pulling me closer in one swift pull.

There's nothing gentle about the way her lips crash down on mine.

We both inhale sharply as I pull her to me, like this closeness isn't enough and I'm pretty sure it never will be.

I saw the huge wave coming, I braced myself for the impact but it still crashed into me with insurmountable force. It kept crashing and crashing until trying to come up for air felt necessary yet impossible.

We don't come up for air. We drown ourselves in each others depths.

She took and gave back as much as she could and in that moment I knew I'm not only ruined for anyone else but realized that not to have this, her, would be a life I never want to navigate.

She's become my sea, my sail, and my compass.

I never want to be anyone else's but hers.

Fate - Chapter 17 - twicesgrey (2024)


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