EBay Chargeback Unusual Situation - Not Sure How to Handle - Possible Scam (2024)

I am wondering if you folks could advise

I have been trading on eBay since the 1990’s - well over 10,000 feedbacks so you could say I am pretty seasoned in all the rules but I find myself in a situation I have not dealt with before

I got my first chargeback - Here is the background

I sold a 9ct gold cross and chain - 12.7 grams was total weight of 9ct gold

Buyer tried on multiple occasions to barter price down but my margin was pretty low - I sold item at £400 eBay price - The scrap gold price would have been about £260 - so you can say that after £75 eBay fees my profit margin was a bit above scrap - but not by much - certainly not excessive - item description gives sizes and good pictures of all the markings etc

So on buyer receipt of item I get a fairly stroppy message saying chain was way to thin and he’s not happy

My immediate response was to return it for a refund

So a couple of hours later - I open my emails to see firstly dispute opened on basis of item not as described. - followed quickly by second email saying dispute had been closed then a third email from eBay saying they were holding funds due to a chargeback from his card and I should respond so they can deal with it.

I responded to challenge the chargeback providing my evidence for this being - I had not received the item back also showing copies of his messages plus photos of item.

He had put in the comments of the case opened that he had bought the item with PayPal credit - 3 payments

I then get an email from eBay saying they would be contacting his card provider and this could take 2 - 8 weeks to resolve

I was in a bit of a quandary at that point because even if he does return the item the funds for the transaction would have still been on hold - but I wanted to get it back and thought I would cross that bridge of what to do when I had it back - so asked for him to return - for refund and I got no reply - although all other messages responded to quickly

So around 2 hours after I sent off the instruction for eBay to challenge the case I was rather surprised to get an outcome - the message from eBay says they have queried with his payment provider and had found in my favour and I do not have to refund

So this morning I get a rather panicky message from him saying he’s worried about returning it and I should provide him with a return label !!

I was pretty miffed at this and replied (rather calmly) that I felt the accusation he initially made that the item was misdescribed was not correct and that he should have chosen the option that he didn’t like the item in which case postage was his responsibility.

After that I had a very apologetic (and somewhat panicky response) admitting this analysis to be correct - and that he had expected the chain to be thicker and then he got muddled up doing the return !!

This may or may not be the case ?? - there is also the possibility it is a scam

So even though I know I don’t have to - I was thinking I will still refund him providing I do get the right item back in the same shape as I had sent it out

He has told me earlier today it’s on the way back to me arriving tomorrow - so he has continued to return it even though he knows he lost the case.

But several things do cross my mind here

Are there any comebacks down the line - I have had no contact with his payment provider (paypal credit) - eBay acted totally on my behalf and chargeback case was found in my favour

If I do process a refund after getting it back - will all my fees be reimbursed ? as the case is now totally closed down. The fees were £75 so not insignificant

There is another thought I have also had - He states he took out PayPal credit agreement to buy - So how does any refund go back to him ? - Is it as cash into his PayPal - Or does it go back to pay off the PayPal loan he took out ??
Just wondering if the scam here is to take out credit - try and keep the item without paying (which failed as he lost case) then default on the payments
I can’t work out if he is totally inept buyer or a scammer - would like to think it’s the former but I am suspicious

EBay Chargeback Unusual Situation - Not Sure How to Handle - Possible Scam (2024)


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