All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (2024)

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The 'Nonsense' singer is the youngest of four

All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (1)

Meet Sabrina Carpenter’s siblings.

Born on May 11, 1999, to parents Elizabeth and David Carpenter, the “Nonsense” singer is the youngest of four children.

Like Carpenter, her older sisters are also involved in the entertainment industry, though they all have their own respective careers. Cayla, who is Carpenter’s half-sister, is a hairstylist, while Shannon is a dancer and Sarah is a singer.

Over the years, Carpenter has shared many sweet moments with her sisters on social media, from attending family gatherings together to getting their support for big career moments.

In fact, a few of them have even collaborated with Carpenter from time to time. Recently, Cayla visited Carpenter in Sydney, where she is opening for Taylor Swift during the Australian leg of the Eras Tour; Cayla posted about visiting the Sydney Zoo with Carpenter, Swift and Travis Kelce on her Instagram Story.

Here’s everything to know about Carpenter’s big sisters.

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Her sisters are older than her

All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (2)

Born in 1999, Carpenter is the youngest of her siblings. Cayla is the oldest born in 1991, Shannon is the second oldest born in 1994 and Sarah was born a few years before Carpenter in 1996.

The sisters are super close, often sharing glimpses of their tight bond on social media. As the four celebrated Carpenter’s birthday in 2021, Cayla posted a sweet photo of them hugging, writing, “My biggest flex is that god really showed out for me in the sister department - I'm forever grateful & always so proud 💕.”

Cayla is a hairstylist who has done Sabrina’s hair for events

All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (3)

Cayla (pictured right) works behind the camera as a makeup artist and hairstylist. She has even helped Carpenter get glam for some events.

In April 2022, she posted about doing Carpenter’s '90s blowout (seen in a photo with Madison Beer) and in July 2021, she posted about giving her a ‘70s do. She even helped Carpenter style her hot pink wig as she dressed up as Lavagirl from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D for Halloween alongside her then-boyfriend Joshua Bassett.

Shannon is a dancer

All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (4)

While Carpenter has shown off her moves from time to time, including in the Netflix film Work It, her sister Shannon is a dancer and choreographer. She often shares videos of herself in action on Instagram, from doing improv to rehearsing in a studio.

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Sarah has worked with Sabrina on a few projects

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Sarah has worked with Carpenter on a few occasions. In addition to appearing as a background actor on Carpenter’s hit Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, per her IMDb page, Sarah also provided backing vocals for Carpenter’s debut album Eyes Wide Open in 2015.

The sisters talked about the joys of working together in a behind-the-scenes video shared on YouTube. “We just clicked. We were really in sync,” Sarah said about working with her sister. On Carpenter’s rise to fame, Sarah added that she was so proud of her little sister. “It’s been so crazy, her journey,” she said. “She just deserves it so much.”

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Sarah has also directed a few music videos for other artists, including Joshua Bassett

In addition to working closely with Carpenter, Sarah has worked with a handful of other artists over the years.Most notably, she worked closely with Carpenter’s former boyfriend Bassett on various EPs. In addition to serving as the creative director for his trilogy of music videos for “Crisis,” “Secret” and “Set Me Free,” she also co-directed his “Feel Something” music video in 2021.

Sabrina has mentioned her sisters in her songs

Carpenter shares a personal look into her life through her music, whether that's giving a glimpse into her love life on her album Emails I Can't Send, or talking about her family in song lyrics. In her single “Skinny Dipping” from her fifth studio album, she references her sister Shannon by name as she fantasizes about meeting up with an ex in a coffee shop and talking about their life.

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They’re super supportive of Sabrina’s career

All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (6)

Carpenter’s sisters are clearly her biggest cheerleaders as they often post about being proud of the singer on social media. Not only do they sing her praises in heartfelt tributes, but they also show up for her during big career moments.

Cayla was by her side as she performed at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest in 2023, while Shannon posted a smiley selfie with her family as they attended Carpenter’s opening night in Mean Girls on Broadway.

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All About Sabrina Carpenter's Siblings, Cayla, Shannon and Sarah (2024)


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