2018 Kawasaki KX450F - motorcycles/scooters - by dealer - vehicle automotive sale - craigslist (2024)

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2018 Kawasaki KX450F - motorcycles/scooters - by dealer - vehicle automotive sale - craigslist (1)

3151 N Piper Ave #113 AZ 85122

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type: dirtbike

motor: gas

odometer: 525

title status: clean

transmission: other

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2018 *Kawasaki* *KX450F*.

Dealer Comments:

Contact Joe, Chandler, Raul, Romeo, or Dylan for your BEST PRICE **520 836 0583** See lots more photos or fill out a quick financing form here: www.adrenalinmotorsportsaz.com See why people come from all over the southwest to buy from us! Rumble on down to Adrenalin Motorsports in Casa Grande and ridenow with me and the kellys in our x3 maverick all over Arizona. Bring your Kawasaki and Can Am from Parker, Havasu and Bullhead to Route 66 and Vegas. In Arizona we ride all four seasons from sierra to showlow. We ride now - not later get yours today. All financing subject to approval. *accessories may vary and are not included*

2018 Kawasaki KX™450F

The Kawasaki Difference


The KX™450F motorcycle is the most powerful, lightweight, and agile KX450F ever. Developed from the highest levels of racing, this championship bike has advanced technology sourced straight from the world’s premier race team—another reason why the KX450F is The Bike That Builds Champions.

Features may include:


The KX™450F motorcycle is lightweight and powerful due to innovative race-proven components. Pick a category to start exploring.


The slim, lightweight, aluminum perimeter frame and triple clamps contribute to agile handling while a flat seat profile and integrated bodywork facilitate easy rider movement and a championship fit.


Lightweight design with tuned rigidity to match chassis dynamics and optimize front end feel

Features low-friction fork seals and optimized valve settings for smooth action and progressive damping


The KX™450F motorcycle features several advanced ignition and fuel-mapping systems for precise adjustability.

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Year: 2018
Make: *Kawasaki*
Model: *KX450F*
Mileage: 525
Stock #: U19570

~ 2018 *Kawasaki* *KX450F*.

*4999* *4,999* *4999.00* *$4999* *$4,999* *$4999.00* *$ 4999* *$ 4,999* *$ 4999.00* *2018* *18* *2018 Kawasaki KX450F* *2018-Kawasaki-KX450F* *2018KawasakiKX450F* *2018 Kawasaki* *2018-Kawasaki* *2018Kawasaki* *2018 KX450F* *2018-KX450F* *2018KX450F* *Kawasaki* *Kawasaki KX450F* *Kawasaki-KX450F* *KawasakiKX450F* *KX450F* is located and easily accessible near the following cities: *Tucson AZ* *Oro Valley AZ* *Green Valley AZ* *Marana AZ* *Sahuarita AZ* *Tubac AZ* *Amado AZ* *Sonoita AZ* *Huachuca City AZ* *Sierra Vista AZ* *St David AZ* *Tombstone AZ* *Bisbee AZ* *Dragoon AZ* *Suncity AZ* *Three Points AZ* *Catilina Foothills AZ* *Oracle AZ* *Sam Manuel AZ* *Arizona City Eloy AZ* *Casa Grande AZ* *Coolige AZ* *Pima County AZ* *Maricopa County AZ* *San Tan Valley AZ* *Chandler AZ* *Mesa AZ* *East Phoenix AZ* *North Phoenix AZ* *West Phoenix AZ* *Central Phoenix AZ* *Peoria AZ* *Glendale AZ* *Globe AZ* *Apache Junction AZ* *Scottsdale AZ* *Fountain Hills AZ* *Nogales AZ* *Duncan AZ*. *Front Wheel Drive* *All Wheel Drive* *4 Doors* *Doors* *Bad Credit* *Bankruptcy* *First time buyer* *no credit* *For Sale* *Clean* *Cheap* *Used* *pre-owned* *Like New* *fair* *good* *great*. ** *front wheel drive* *4 wheel drive* *4x4*. *2005* *2006* *2007* *2008* *2009* *2010* *2011* *2012* *2013* *2014* *2015* *2016* *2017* *2018* *2019* *2020* . *all prices* *all makes* *all models* *all years*. 1990 *1991* *91* *1992* *92* *1993* *93* *1994* *94* *1995* *95* *1996* *96* *1997* *97* *1998* *98* *1999* *99* *2000* *00* *2001* *01* *2002* *02* *2003* *03* *2004* *04* *2005* *05* *2006* *06* *2007* *07* *2008* *08* *2009* *09* *2010* *10* *2011* *11* *2012* *12* *2013* *13* *2014* *14* *2015* *15* *2016* *16* *2017* *17* *2018* *18* *2019* *19* *2020* *20* *2021* *21* *2022* *22* *2023* *23* *2024* *24* Bad Credit Bankruptcy First time buyer no credit For Sale Clean Cheap Used pre-owned Like New fair good great. Bad Credit Bankruptcy First time buyer, lease, cheap, affordable, reliable, use, auto, dealer, dealers, dealerships, buy here pay here, BHPH,financing, drivetime, drive time, low, no, bad, poor, credit, malo, mal, credito, sale, sales, in house, Bad Credit Car Loan Loans / Finance /Financing / Instant / Fast / EZ / Easy / Group / Online / Internet / Approve / Approval / Quick / Special / Issues / Deal / Deals / Ap. / Ap / Apply / Application / Cheap / Check / Carfax / Import / Sport SE SE 4dr SUV 4WD Bad Credit For Sale Clean Cheap Used Like New / Dealers / Approved / Condition / Low / Motors / Miles / Mile / Mileage / Dealer / used / Wheels / Wheel / Drive / Sign / Today / Now / Vehicle / Seats / Seating / Seat / Auto / Interior / Exterior / Warranty / Mal Credito, BAD Credit Finance Financing Loan BHPH FREE, FICO, BEACON, CREDIT, INSTANT, INSTANT APPROVAL, NO MONEY, NO MONEY DOWN, 0, $0 MONEY, $1,0 DOWN, $0 DOWN, LOW PAYMENTS, FLEXIBLE PAYMENTS, FUEL EFFICIENT, COUPE, COLORS, MILES, MILEAGE, SINGLE, FACTORY, REBATE, REBATES, LOCAL no credit Espanol Habla espanol ITIN Passport For Sale Clean Cheap Used Certified pre-owned Preowned Pre owned Like New fair good great. all prices all makes all models all years

*Monthly payment based on 15% Down for 60 months at 5.9% APR financing On Approved Credit. Payment does not include tax, license or dealer fees. Some model years do not qualify for payment listed. See dealer for complete details.

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    2018 Kawasaki KX450F - motorcycles/scooters - by dealer - vehicle automotive sale - craigslist (2024)


    What year did Kawasaki 450 get electric start? ›

    The 2019 KX450 is an all-new design, which includes electric start and eliminates the kick starter.

    When did Kawasaki start making 450s? ›

    The next year, the production model four-stroke KX250F motocross machine was released. Top right: The KX450F made its debut for the 2006 model year.

    What year did Kawasaki 450 go fuel injected? ›

    After adding a 5th gear to the 2006 year model, it was time for electronic fuel injection to be installed in the new 2008 Kawasaki KX450F. The Keihin carb has been replaced by a top-drawer fuel injection system providing an even more better power distribution across the rpm range with zero lag.

    What is the difference between KX450 and KX450F? ›

    KX450F: The (Slightly) Tamer Beast

    This one's like a latte compared to the KX450's espresso. It's still got plenty of kick, but it's a bit more forgiving, heavier, and has a softer suspension. Great for riders who are still honing their skills or prefer more comfortable rides.

    How to tell what year a Kawasaki dirt bike is? ›

    What does a Kawasaki VIN number contain? Each of the 17 characters in a VIN code represents a particular piece of information. For instance, the 10th character shows the model year ("1" means 2001, "B" means 1981 or 2011, etc.). This is one of the simplest bits to reveal.

    What year did Kawasaki add electric start? ›

    After major updates including a new engine with a finger follower rocker arm for the 2020 model year, then a new frame, hydraulic clutch, and electric start in the 2021 model year, the KX250 received even further improvements for 2023.

    Does KX450 have an electric start? ›

    Reliable Starting

    Powered by a compact and lightweight Li-ion battery and supported by an automatic centrifugal decompression system, all it takes is the push of a button to start up.

    Is the KX 450 electric start? ›

    Offering increased performance across the rev-range, the more potent new engine is backed by a host of features like Launch Control Mode, electric start and a hydraulic clutch, proven to give racers an edge on the track.


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