10 ways to cut 500 calories a day (2024)

Weight loss - 500 calories; Overweight - 500 calories; Obesity - 500 calories; Diet - 500 calories

No matter what type of diet you follow, to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in each day. For most people with overweight, cutting about 500 calories a day is a good place to start. If you can eat 500 fewer calories every day, you should lose about a pound (450 g) a week.

Always talk with your health care provider to determine a healthy weight for you before starting a weight-loss diet.

How to Cut Calories


10 ways to cut 500 calories a day (2024)


How to easily cut 500 calories a day? ›

It is easier than you may think.
  1. Swap your snack. Many people reach for a snack or two in between meals. ...
  2. Cut one high-calorie treat. ...
  3. Do not drink your calories. ...
  4. Skip seconds. ...
  5. Make low calorie substitutions. ...
  6. Ask for a doggie bag. ...
  7. Just say "no" to fried food. ...
  8. Build a thinner pizza.
Jun 22, 2022

How to subtract 500 calories a day? ›

Swap high-calorie foods for lower-calorie options

Cutting calories is as easy as swapping out one food for another. Making these lower calorie food swaps will reduce calories by at least 100 calories per serving, so if you combine five, you've shaved off 500 calories.

How many pounds will I lose if I cut 500 calories a day? ›

In general, if you cut about 500 calories a day from your usual diet, you may lose about ½ to 1 pound a week. But this can vary depending on your body, how much weight you want to lose, your gender and activity level.

What should I eat to lose 500 calories a day? ›

What To Eat In A 500 Calorie Diet Plan?
Food ItemQuantity
Low-fat cottage cheese with a small banana½ cup
Hard-boiled egg with a whole wheat toast1
Unsweetened cereal + low-fat milk¾ cup + 1 cup
Decaffeinated tea or skimmed milk230 ml

What burns 500 calories the quickest? ›

Running is one of the quickest ways to burn 500 calories. Smith says that an 150-pound person would only need to run about 40 minutes to burn 500 calories if they maintain a 12-minute mile pace (5 mph). “Running at a steady pace keeps your heart rate up and your cardiovascular system working hard.

How much weight will I lose on a 3 day water fast? ›

We watched hundreds of videos on 3 day water fasts and people reported losing between 4.5 lbs to 12 lbs on their fast. This depends on a lot of factors including starting weight and height. The three-day water fast can be a powerful tool for natural healing, weight loss, and overall well-being.

How can I lose a pound a day? ›

You need to burn 3500 calories a day to lose one pound a day, and you need anywhere between 2000 and 2500 calories in a day if you are doing your routine activities. That means you need to starve yourself the whole day and exercise as much as to lose the remaining calories. This is practically not possible.

How many calories should I eat to lose 2 pounds a week? ›

For example, to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week — a rate that experts consider safe — your food consumption should provide 500 to 1,000 calories less than your total weight-maintenance calories. If you need 2,325 calories a day to maintain your current weight, reduce your daily calories to between 1,325 and 1,825.

What is a 500-calorie day look like? ›

A 500-calorie diet is an extreme form of a very low-calorie diet (VLCD). It requires you to drastically reduce the amount of food you eat, usually to a maximum of 800 calories per day. VLCDs use meal replacements like drinks, shakes, and prepared food bars instead of meals for at least two meals a day.

Can I lose 20 pounds in a month? ›

A 20-pound weight loss [goal within one month] would require a person to eat around 2,300 fewer calories than they burn every single day. This [deficit] would be pretty difficult [to achieve] unless their daily metabolic rate is considerably higher than 2,300 calories,” she explains.

What exercise burns the most calories? ›

According to Healthline, running burns the most calories. A tried and true exercise that requires little more than your legs and the open road, running burns just over 800 calories for a 155-pound adult per hour.

Can I lose noticeable weight in 2 weeks? ›

Setting realistic and healthy weight loss goals is crucial for long-term success. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a safe and achievable weight loss goal is to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. This means that in two weeks, you can safely lose between 2 to 4 pounds.

How to easily cut calories? ›

For slow, steady weight loss, try to eat foods that will fill you up without eating a lot of calories. You can cut calories without being hungry by using low-fat and fiber-rich ingredients, such as vegetables or fruit. These foods are also part of a healthy eating pattern.

How many steps to burn 500 calories? ›

What is 10000 Steps Equal To? “But,” continues Jamie, “if you walk briskly for 30 minutes and include enough activity throughout the day to reach the combined total of 10,000 steps, you're burning about 400 to 500 calories a day, which means you're losing one pound each week.”

Can you lose weight by eating less and not exercising? ›

You can lose weight by eating less, but adding physical activity allows you to burn more calories than dieting alone. Any weight-loss plan that includes regular exercise is not only more successful — it's also healthier. By eating a healthy diet and exercising, you're keeping your bones, muscles, and heart strong.

How long does it take to lose 500 calories a day? ›

Since jogging isn't quite as intense, though, you'll need to do it for about 60 minutes at a speed of 5 mi (8.0 km) per hour to burn 500 calories. If you choose to walk at a more leisurely 3.5 mi (5.6 km) per hour, you'll burn 500 calories in roughly 90 minutes.

How to burn 500 calories a day fast? ›

20 Ways to Burn 500 Calories
  1. Do a 45 - 60 minute Bootcamp style bodyweight home workout.
  2. Go for a 45 – 60 minute bike ride.
  3. Dirty car? ...
  4. Take part in a 45 -60 minute Body Combat workout on 'Your Space at Home'
  5. Give your dog a 60 – 90 minute brisk walk.
Sep 27, 2023

How quickly will I lose weight on 1 500 calories a day? ›

Some research suggests that the average person assigned female at birth can limit their daily caloric intake to 1,500 calories or less to drop 1 pound per week. The average person assigned male at birth may consume up to 2,000 calories a day to lose the same amount of weight.

Is it easy to lose 500 calories? ›

You can burn 500 calories a day through exercise, but this is not an easy number to reach for most people. Burning this number of calories each day will require a substantial time commitment and likely be both physically and mentally challenging.


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